5 facts about Jesper Boqvist the newest addition to the Boston Bruins roster

JUL 20, 2023   |   BY HUNTER BOWMAN
As the Boston Bruins gear up for the upcoming season, they recently made a noteworthy signing, bringing in Jesper Boqvist.

The former second-round pick from the 2017 NHL Entry Draft has been a part of the New Jersey Devils since 2019, with 189 games under his belt and 55 points to his name.

With his spot in the Bruins' lineup not yet secured, Boqvist's performance during training camp will be crucial. Having played a career-high 70 games last year, the 24-year-old aims to maintain his momentum and avoid demotion to Providence or being benched.

1. Boqvist's Performance Spikes After All-Star Break

Statistically, Boqvist tends to shine after the All-Star Game, racking up 37 points compared to 18 in the first half of the season. April seems to be his best month, where he's registered an impressive 19 points in just 36 games.

2. Thrives Against Arizona Coyotes

Boqvist shows a strong performance against the Arizona Coyotes, amassing five points in four games. His excellent play against this team sets him apart.

3. Collection of Silver Medals

While establishing himself in the NHL, Boqvist has achieved success in the Sweden junior programs and international events. He holds three silver medals from various competitions.

4. Falun, Sweden: Home to NHL Talent

Hailing from Falun, Sweden, Boqvist joins a small group of NHL players from this city. With nine players making it to the NHL from Falun, Boqvist is proud to represent his hometown on the big stage.

5. Family of NHL Talent

Boqvist is proud to represent his hometown on the big stage. Notably, he has a younger brother, Adam, who plays in the NHL with the Columbus Blue Jackets. With 189 games played and 75 points as a defenseman, Adam is making his mark in the league.

As the Bruins continue to fine-tune their roster, Boqvist's signing adds depth and potential for growth. With his young career on the rise, he has a chance to establish himself in the bottom six and contribute to the team's success in the upcoming season.

Source: Thehockeywritters