BREAKING: Bruins linked to hometown native in search for a new team

Colin White remains a notable figure among the pool of available free-agent forwards, capturing attention despite a lackluster season with the Florida Panthers.

Despite the setback, his track record of accomplishments could tempt a team to roll the dice on his potential resurgence. Here, let's dissect a pair of teams that might just take that leap.

New York Rangers: The murmurs linking White to the New York Rangers have been persistent throughout the offseason. Bolstering their bottom-six forward corps seems to be on their agenda, and White's addition would seamlessly align with that objective.

Furthermore, if White recaptures his form in the upcoming 2023-24 season, he could emerge as a contender for a role on their power play unit.

Boston Bruins: The Boston Bruins are in dire need of an injection of forward depth, a pressing concern further complicated by their cap constraints. However, a solution might lie in bringing White aboard on a league-minimum contract.

His roots in Massachusetts could amplify the appeal of donning the jersey of his hometown team. Mirroring the Rangers' scenario, White's skill set would likely dovetail neatly into the Bruins' third or fourth line should he secure a deal.

As we navigate the prelude to the upcoming season, the suspense remains high regarding White's destination. Will either of these franchises make the move before the puck drops? Only time will unveil the final chapter of this story.

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