BREAKING: Contract demands may force this player out of Boston

Among the Boston Bruins fanbase, discussions about comparable contracts have recently emerged, with the focus on the two-year, $2,665,000 average annual value (AAV) deal signed by Tanner Jeannot with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Fans believe that this contract could serve as a fair comparison for Bruins forward Trent Frederic.

However, they do provide a framework for understanding player value within the salary cap system.

The suggested comparable deal for Frederic raises questions about the financial implications for the Bruins.

If Frederic were to get a similar contract to Jeannot, it would leave approximately $2.7 million for goaltender Jeremy Swayman.

This tight cap situation indicates that a difficult decision looms for the Bruins, as someone may need to be moved to accommodate these financial considerations.

In this scenario, Frederic himself could be a potential candidate for departure. The Bruins will need to carefully assess their roster and evaluate the best course of action to balance cap space while maintaining a competitive lineup.