BREAKING: The Bruins officially inquire about this superstar

With the official departure of Patrice Bergeron from Boston, the Bruins now face the crucial task of finding a suitable replacement.

Surprisingly, rumors suggest that their search has led them to explore the possibility of acquiring a young talent - none other than Trevor Zegras.

Understandably, the Anaheim Ducks find themselves in an intriguing position as a franchise. They currently have two star players, Troy Terry and Trevor Zegras, who are restricted free agents (RFA) and could be vulnerable to enticing offer sheets.

Despite Trevor Zegras being a prominent figure and a face of their franchise, recent developments have raised the possibility that he may be considered expendable by the Ducks, especially since both sides have yet to come to a contract agreement.

The Bruins, on the other hand, have been grappling with the absence of a true #1 center on their roster, making them a perfect trade partner for the Ducks, who boast an abundance of talent in that position.

According to a reliable source, the Bruins have taken the initiative to inquire about Trevor Zegras, and to a lesser extent, Mason McTavish.

Following Bergeron's retirement, reports indicate that the Bruins have reached out to the Anaheim Ducks regarding Trevor Zegras.

Being an RFA, Zegras is susceptible to an offer sheet, but the Bruins may need to re-acquire their 2024 1st round pick for such a move.

While the Bruins have also shown interest in Mason McTavish, their preference seems to be firmly set on acquiring Trevor Zegras.

Could this potential trade be a match made in hockey heaven? The combination of the Bruins' need for a top center and the Ducks' surplus of talent could pave the way for an intriguing and game-changing deal.

Only time will tell if these two teams can come to an agreement that will shape the future of their respective franchises. Hockey fans will undoubtedly be watching with bated breath as the trade rumors unfold.

Source: RUMOUR: Bruins Have Reportedly Found Their Replacement for Bergeron