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MAR 31, 2023  (1:32 PM)
Bruins Will Try Anything to Break the Presidents' Trophy Curse

Bruins Will Try Anything to Break the Presidents' Trophy Curse

The Boston Bruins officially clinched the Presidents' Trophy with a win on Thursday night but will it be all for nothing because of 'The Curse'' that comes with it.

Trying Anything to Avoid the Curse

Boston will be trying to avoid becoming the 10th consecutive Presidents' Trophy winner to NOT win the Stanley Cup. The last one being the Chicago Blackhawks in 2013, although it was a lockout shortened season.


Holding a 58-12-5 record with seven games still remaining, the Bruins have to go 5-2 to record the most wins in a single season. And as Bleacher Report pointed out, the players are quite literally trying anything to break it.

All jokes aside, as head coach Jim Montgomery eluded to after the 2-1 overtime win over the Blue Jackets, the team looks at it in a big picture way.

''I mean, for sure we're going to look at it, but the Presidents' Trophy teams have also won the most percentages of Stanley Cups, so I'm going to look at it that way. I'd rather be Presidents [Trophy] winners than [finish] second, third, fourth or fifth because they haven't won the Cup as much.''

As Ty Anderson of 98.5 shared, the bench boss has a valid point:

''To his point, eight Presidents' Trophy winners have won Cup since PT was introduced in 1985-86 (22.2%). And since 1927, 38 of 95 total No. 1 overall seeds have won Cup (40 percent).''