Gary Bettman Plan to Keep the Coyotes Alive is in Motion

MAR 16, 2023   |   BY DORIN CANADAY
It's no secret that the Arizona Coyotes are the biggest laughing stock of the NHL, and have been for quite some time. Despite that, Commissioner Gary Bettman has gone extreme lengths to make it work in Arizona, and he's done it again.

The franchise's future will be decided on May 16th, in a vote by the citizens of Tempe. If the proposal is denied, the Coyotes will (once again) be left without a future home in Arizona.

Is Bettman's recent announcement more than a coincidence?

At the conclusion of this week's Board of Governors meetings, Bettman revealed that the Draft Lottery will be held on May 8th, conveniently, a week before the Tempe vote.

If Arizona wins the Connor Bedard Sweepstakes, will that help sway the vote in their favor?


Bedard is projected to be the NHL's next generational talent since Connor McDavid, and the Coyotes currently have the 7th best odds at that first pick, as the race to the bottom is tighter than ever.

Arizona is all but guaranteed to get an elite prospect in the upcoming draft, as there's no shortage of top-end talent in the first round, or even second round.

Bedard, however, could literally save the Coyotes franchise.

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