NHL Insider Drops A Bomb Regarding The Bruins Making A Trade

NHL Insider Drops A Bomb Regarding The Bruins Making A Trade

In recent developments, TSN NHL Insider Pierre LeBrun provided insights into the contract negotiations between Noah Hanifin and the Calgary Flames. According to LeBrun's report on TSN Insider Trading, talks between Hanifin and the Flames have reached an impasse. The Flames' potential 2024 unrestricted free agents, including Hanifin, are now back on the NHL trade market.

LeBrun revealed that Hanifin was close to signing a contract extension worth approximately $60 million last month. However, the defenseman opted to postpone the decision, and now the Flames are open to trade discussions. The team, with no urgency, has until March 8, the trade deadline, to explore potential returns for these players.

Longtime NHL analyst and insider Pierre McGuire echoed sentiments about the potential trade, especially considering Boston Bruins' General Manager Don Sweeney's historical interest in Hanifin. Speaking on the Eye Test Podcast, McGuire envisioned a possible partnership between the Bruins and Flames.

McGuire highlighted the Bruins' familiarity with Hanifin's background, having attended St. Sebastian's School in Boston and played at Boston College. He emphasized the Bruins' extensive scouting efforts in the Independent School League (ISL) and Boston College, making them well-versed in Hanifin's capabilities.

"So, if you're asking me, nobody's told me, nobody's told you, but I could see a marriage and a dance partner with Boston and Calgary,"
McGuire stated.

While speculation arises that trade discussions might linger until the NHL Trade Deadline, McGuire suggested that Flames GM Craig Conroy shouldn't delay.

«I don't know if the value for potential UFA's goes up in March or not; that's a marketplace decision that nobody can predict at this point,» McGuire pointed out. «So what I would say in this situation, it's probably better to try and generate the marketplace before other people do, and the way you do that is, you send out messages around the league through your scouts that are on the road or your coaching staff that's dealing with other teams' coaching staffs, and you can create a marketplace, and if you can create the right marketplace, there's no time limit. The sooner you can get it done is probably the better, depending on what you have in terms of offers.»

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NHL Insider Drops A Bomb Regarding The Bruins Making A Trade

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