Racist Allegations Surface Against NHL Owner in Recent Lawsuit

Racist Allegations Surface Against NHL Owner in Recent Lawsuit

A recent lawsuit has brought serious allegations against an NHL owner, accusing them of making a deeply racist comment. Former NFL columnist Jim Trotter has taken legal action against the league, alleging discrimination. According to court documents, these claims are directed at Buffalo Bills owner Terry Pegula, who also happens to own the NHL's Buffalo Sabres. It's alleged that Pegula made a highly offensive remark during a conversation.

Trotter's account of the incident involves Pegula responding to protests against racial injustice with the following statement: "If black players don't like it here, they should go back to Africa and see how bad it is there."

Trotter asserts that he informed the league about Pegula's comment, but no action was taken in response. Meanwhile, Trotter has also made allegations against Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. According to Trotter, Jones suggested that if black individuals are concerned about the lack of minorities in NFL front offices, they should consider purchasing a team and having a say in the hiring process.

Trotter's lawsuit is centered on wrongful dismissal from his position as an NFL writer. The league's stance is that his contract simply ran its course, and they could no longer afford to keep him on staff.

Both sides of this dispute are drawing attention, and Pegula has issued a statement denying the allegations.

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