The Bruins May Take One Last Run At This Superstar Before the Season Starts

In the midst of the usually calm NHL off-season, unexpected speculation has sprung up, courtesy of Mike McIntyre from the Winnipeg Free Press. A trade scenario that appeared dormant not long ago is showing signs of life once again. McIntyre suggests that the Boston Bruins might be gearing up for a final attempt to bolster their center depth, with the Winnipeg Jets' Mark Scheifele potentially in their sights.

The Bruins are facing a crucial challenge following the retirements of key figures Patrice Bergeron and David Krejč, leaving a gap for not just one, but two top-tier centers. McIntyre raises the query: "Could Bruins GM Don Sweeney step up his game and make a compelling offer to Kevin Cheveldayoff, his Winnipeg counterpart, in the coming weeks?"

In essence, the window for the Bruins to make a move seems to be sooner rather than later.

McIntyre acknowledges the complexity surrounding this potential move. There's a growing belief that a change of scenery could revive Scheifele's performance, which has wavered since his suspension linked to an incident involving Montreal's Jake Evans. Additionally, questions linger about the Jets' overall roster strategy and how it could shift if the team remains competitive.

Delving into the intricacies, McIntyre suggests that if the Jets find themselves in a playoff spot or in contention, trading away one of their most valuable players might be perceived as surrendering. This could make them less inclined to make such a trade now. Dealing Scheifele while the team is pushing for the playoffs sends a strong message to both the fan base and the remaining players on the Jets' roster.

What's Changed for Boston?

It's worth noting that a mere couple of weeks ago, many experts deemed the Bruins unlikely to pursue Scheifele due to salary cap constraints and limited trade assets. Describing the challenges Boston faced in engineering a blockbuster trade for Scheifele would have been an understatement. However, recent developments have stirred things up, potentially reopening the door for a possible deal.

The Bruins were hesitant to part with goaltenders Jeremy Swayman or Linus Ullmark unless significant improvements were secured a scenario that hasn't materialized. Acquiring Scheifele, with his substantial cap hit, would present a cap-related puzzle for both teams involved.

While the fundamental variables haven't shifted, it seems the Bruins' appetite for an upgrade might be the only thing that's changed, sparking renewed interest in pursuing a player like Scheifele and exploring any potential movement on that front.

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