The Bruins Reportedly Turned Down A Trade Involving This Goalie

The Bruins Reportedly Turned Down A Trade Involving This Goalie

The Boston Bruins are revamping their roster following retirements, focusing on center depth. Rumors circulate about trading Linus Ullmark for strategic change.

Ty Anderson's report confirms the Bruins rejected a trade offer for Ullmark, aiming for fair value. Anderson notes complexities due to cap constraints and Ullmark's trade protection:

" team did express genuine interest in providing the Bruins with a reasonable and fair return for Ullmark. However, this trade required corresponding adjustments that didn't materialize, and it necessitated Ullmark's agreement to waive his no-trade clause."

Ty Anderson

Though a deal didn't happen, the talks reveal the Bruins' openness to Ullmark trades. The spotlight then turns to Jeremy Swayman.

Speculation about Swayman wanting to leave for Alaska was debunked by Anderson:

"Regarding the notion of trading Jeremy Swayman, it doesn't seem the Bruins were ever significantly inclined to pursue that path...Swayman's parents no longer reside in Alaska, and that this rumor is untrue."

Ty Anderson

With Swayman content, he and Ullmark will start the season. If needed, Ullmark could be a trade asset based on Swayman's performance.

The upcoming season presents an intriguing challenge as the Bruins adjust their core, backed by a strong history despite changes.