Bruce Cassidy Takes A Cheap Shot At The Arizona Coyotes After Game 5

Published May 28, 2023 at 10:20

Last night, the Vegas Golden Knights and the Dallas Stars clashed in an intense game 5 of the Western Conference Final, with the potential to secure a spot in the Stanley Cup final for the Knights. However, the Stars had different plans, ultimately pushing the series to a game 6.

Following the disappointing outcome, Bruce Cassidy, the head coach of the Knights, expressed his dissatisfaction with his team's performance. In doing so, he made an unnecessary remark directed at the Arizona Coyotes, saying,

"We have 24 giveaways. I'm not sure you're beating the Arizona Coyotes in January with 24 giveaways. That's no disrespect to Arizona, but it's not the right way to play."

While frustration is understandable, it is disheartening to witness Cassidy diverting attention to the struggling Coyotes organization. Making it about Arizona after losing a crucial game in the conference final seems unfair. Also, the phrase "no disrespect" often carries an underlying tone of disrespect. Although 24 giveaways is indeed significant in any game, taking a jab at an organization, especially one facing challenges, including their loyal fan base, is not an appropriate approach to address the issue at hand.
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Bruce Cassidy Takes A Cheap Shot At The Arizona Coyotes After Game 5

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