Embarrassing Stat Supports That The Coyotes Relocation Should Happen

Published May 25, 2023 at 8:30

There are numerous compelling arguments supporting the relocation of the Arizona Coyotes to a different city.

One prominent reason is their current home, an arena that resembles a college venue with a modest capacity of 5,000. Astonishingly, despite its significantly smaller size compared to the average NHL rink, the Coyotes still struggle to fill it to capacity.

According to the reputable source HockeyDB.com, the Mullett Arena experienced an average attendance of merely 4,600 during the 2022-2023 season. To put this into perspective, this figure falls below the attendance of 24 teams in the AHL, the American Hockey League.

To shed further light on the matter, let's direct our attention to the Quebec Remparts, a formidable QMJHL team that consistently sells out all 18,259 seats at Quebec City's illustrious Videotron Centre, particularly during the playoffs. Even during their regular season games, the junior franchise boasts impressive numbers, averaging over 9,700 passionate spectators on any given night.

It is worth noting that the Remparts outperformed every non-NHL team in North America last season, including AHL teams, in terms of fan attendance. This remarkable feat is especially noteworthy when considering the fact that Quebec City's population is less than one million. The city's unwavering passion for hockey surpasses all expectations.

The situation in Arizona has become strikingly similar, as the recent rejection by Tempe voters regarding the proposed arena for the Coyotes has left the team in a precarious position. As discussions continue, it has become evident that cities like Houston and Kansas City have emerged as strong contenders in the ongoing rumors surrounding potential relocation destinations.
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Embarrassing Stat Supports That The Coyotes Relocation Should Happen

Where should the Coyotes relocate to?

Houston929 %
Kansas City412.9 %
Quebec1341.9 %
Other516.1 %
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