NHL Expansion to Unexpected City Appears Unavoidable

Published August 18, 2023 at 1:03 PM

Relocation Buzz and Expansion Speculations

In the aftermath of the Coyotes and the NHL encountering setbacks in their arena plans for Arizona, the chatter of potential relocation has taken center stage.

Speculations have swirled around destinations like Houston, Atlanta, and Quebec City. However, a recent insider's revelation has illuminated the most probable contender.


The Forefront Contender

Eklund, renowned for insights in the hockey world via Hockey Buzz, has pinpointed Salt Lake City as the frontrunner in the NHL's future expansion plans.

He noted,
"The signs are increasingly pointing towards Salt Lake City securing an NHL franchise. Some media voices even consider this development to be an unavoidable progression..."


Intriguingly, if the Coyotes ultimately remain rooted in Arizona, a distinct scenario emerges where Salt Lake City could welcome an entirely new NHL team.

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NHL Expansion to Unexpected City Appears Unavoidable

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