BREAKING: Bruins Prospects Team Facing Criminal Problems Following Bronze Medal Win

Published May 30, 2023 at 1:11 PM

The Latvian Men's National Team is reveling in their historic accomplishment, securing their country's first-ever medal at a IIHF event with a thrilling overtime victory over the United States, claiming the Bronze. However, their celebration is overshadowed by controversy surrounding a jersey sponsor.

Reports indicate that the Latvian National Team could face repercussions for featuring a gambling sponsor on their jersey sleeves, potentially violating Finnish regulations. The Finnish Lotteries Act prohibits foreign gambling organizations from promoting their services in Finland.

"Let the authorities do their job." Nurminen said.

He added, "In my previous job, we cooperated with the Police Board on the matter, and the interpretation then was that fixed advertisements (e.g. sideboard advertisements) are not possible, but game uniform advertisements, which each country decides for itself and which are mobile, are. But as said, let the authorities do their job."

IIHF Secretary General, Matti Nurminen, addressed the issue, urging patience and allowing the authorities to handle the situation. Drawing from his experience, Nurminen explained that fixed advertisements, like sideboard advertisements, were prohibited, but game uniform advertisements, determined by each country and movable, were deemed acceptable. His statement emphasizes the need for a thorough investigation and legal assessment to address the complaint appropriately.
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BREAKING: Bruins Prospects Team Facing Criminal Problems Following Bronze Medal Win

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