Jakub Lauko addressing the media

Boston Bruins Player Reveals Hilarious Pre-Game Meal

Published January 23, 2024 at 6:56 PM

Boston Bruins forward Jakub Lauko recently unveiled the amusing reason behind his pre-game ritual of eating grapes. Lauko experimented with various fruits, including watermelons and oranges, but the latter posed a practical challenge due to sticky hands from peeling.

In a light-hearted revelation, Lauko shared,
"I just start bringing in fruit for a game just trying different kinds of fruit: watermelons, oranges, but I was saying — If I have an orange, I have to peel it ... hands get sticky.

"I tried grapes one day and I think I scored like two goals So I kept going with grapes and now it's more like a meme now."

Embracing the positive association between his grape consumption and on-ice success, Lauko has turned his quirky routine into a playful team meme.

Such anecdotes add a touch of humor to the serious world of professional hockey, showcasing the unique rituals that players adopt for luck or performance enhancement.
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Boston Bruins Player Reveals Hilarious Pre-Game Meal

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