Boston Bruins' Ranked Worst In Prospect Pool Rankings

Published August 23, 2023 at 6:35

Since the Boston Bruins have been mentioned as Stanley Cup contenders for the past 20 years, their pool of prospects has been weakened, which is what happens when you strive for a playoff berth every year rather than a high draft pick.

The prospect pool for the Bruins has been one of the team's worst points. Ranking dead last out of 32 teams in The Athletic's most recent rankings of every NHL team's prospect pool.

"Boston hasn't had many picks in the last few years, and among the high picks they have had it's hard to spot many guys who have spiked in value since then," Corey Pronman writes. "The result is the 32nd-ranked pipeline in back-to-back years. The margin between them and the next pipelines is closer than last year if that's any better to hear for Bruins fans."

In reality, the Bruins have given up most, if not all, of their draft early selections between the first and second rounds; these are important spots for the team to strengthen a weak point in their club, and failing to do so creates issues in the long run.

The 2018, 2020, 2022, and 2023 drafts left the black and gold without obtaining a first-round selection. Furthermore, the Bruins went without a second-round selection in 2019, 2021, or 2023. making it exceedingly challenging for the organization to produce stars from its foundation.

The Bruins won't be able to solve this issue anytime soon. Given their impending draft circumstances, there does not seem to be much optimism for the foreseeable future. They don't make a selection until the fourth round of the 2024 NHL Draft. Not to mention not having a second-round pick until 2026, which worsens the matter.

It would be appropriate for the team, at the very least, to retool in order to begin solving the problem. Nonetheless, it appears that the Bruins will continue to contend for the postseason based on what management has stated and aims to do, along with general manager Don Sweeney. Although rebuilding may not be essential at this time, it ought to be considered in the future.

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Boston Bruins' Ranked Worst In Prospect Pool Rankings

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