Boston Bruins captain Brad Marchand

Brad Marchand Goes Viral Following Surprise Statement Before Today's Loss

Published January 4, 2024 at 10:45 PM

As the Boston Bruins gear up to face the Pittsburgh Penguins at TD Garden, Captain Brad Marchand reflects on his career during an entertaining interview on the "Pat McAfee Show." The playful banter includes McAfee teasing Marchand about his name and playing style, with Marchand adding humor to the conversation.

Marchand, known for his rivalry with Sidney Crosby, acknowledges the Penguins captain's influence on his game, stating,
"He's incredible. Just a great guy. Actually, I grew up watching him play. Every year I was supposed to play against him, he was so good he would move up a level."

He reveals his strategic approach of avoiding players like Crosby who can take over a game, saying,
"He's not a guy that I like to try to get involved with on the ice as well as guys that can take over a game. So, I try to pick out guys that can't do that. They got a few of them on the team, so I try and just keep quiet against them."

Despite McAfee's playful suggestion that Marchand should sit out for the Penguins' benefit, Marchand insists on competing for bragging rights, stating,
"We're still going for bragging rights, right? I can't take it easy, but I'll just leave him alone."

With a remarkable track record against Pittsburgh, he emphasizes the importance of the upcoming game, noting,
"In 46 games against the Pittsburgh, Marchand has 18 goals and 22 assists."

The Bruins, currently leading the Eastern Conference with 52 points, seek their fifth consecutive win, while the Penguins aim to improve their standing from 11th place with 40 points. The historical advantage of the Bruins with a 12-8-0 record over the Penguins adds anticipation to the first meeting between the teams this season.
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Brad Marchand Goes Viral Following Surprise Statement Before Today's Loss

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