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Bruins And A Rival Set To Combine For Blockbuster Trade

Published January 27, 2024 at 0:32

In recent reports by Darren Dreger of TSN, heightened efforts by the Montreal Canadiens to trade potential free agent Sean Monahan have emerged. The 29-year-old forward, carrying a $1.98 million contract, has become an appealing prospect for several teams, with the Boston Bruins specifically mentioned by Dreger.

Other teams, including the Colorado Avalanche, Edmonton Oilers, and Washington Capitals, are also on the lookout for centermen or depth in that position. Dreger emphasized Monahan's robust health and impressive performance this season, setting the stage for potential trade discussions. The Bruins' interest in Monahan intensifies speculation about significant moves before the trade deadline.

Dreger highlighted the Canadiens' willingness to trade Monahan to a contender or his preferred team, signaling that he could be among the first forwards dealt before the deadline. This adds to the intrigue surrounding the Bruins' potential pursuit of Monahan.

Dreger stated,
"No different from any other year, there are teams looking for centremen and depth at that position – or a top-two or top-three centreman," Dreger said. "We're looking at Colorado. We're looking at Boston, the Edmonton Oilers, maybe even the Washington Capitals if they stay in the mix leading up to the trade deadline. Twenty-nine-year-old Sean Monahan of the Montreal Canadiens is healthy, and he is having a decent year."

With Monahan's impactful season, boasting 11 goals and 20 assists in 46 games, the Boston Bruins could significantly benefit from his skills if a trade is successfully negotiated. His proficiency in faceoffs and playmaking could enhance the Bruins' center lineup, making him a valuable addition to their roster.

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Bruins And A Rival Set To Combine For Blockbuster Trade

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