Bruins defenseman disrespected in recent poll

Published August 6, 2023 at 6:16 PM

While McAvoy's career stats undoubtedly showcase his impact on the ice, some fans may debate his exact position among the league's top defensemen.

Being ranked sixth behind Heiskanen has sparked discussions among Bruins supporters. Let's delve into McAvoy's impressive career numbers.

In 380 games played, he has notched an impressive 41 goals and 189 assists, amassing an impressive total of 230 points.

What sets him apart is his outstanding plus/minus rating of 140, reflecting his overall contribution to the team's success.

Over the course of 354 games, McAvoy's impressive stats continue, with 44 goals, 160 assists, and a total of 204 points. Additionally, he boasts a plus/minus rating of 6, which further illustrates his ability to contribute effectively on both ends of the ice.

While some may not rank McAvoy among the top three defensemen, there's no denying his significant impact on the Boston Bruins and the broader NHL landscape.

His stellar performances on the ice and consistent contributions to the team's success make him an invaluable asset and a vital part of the Bruins' defensive core.
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Bruins defenseman disrespected in recent poll

Do you agree with Charlie McAvoy being ranked at 6th place behind Miro Heiskanen?

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No3276.2 %
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