Charlie Coyle Reveals How He Battles Being An NHL Player

Published August 8, 2023 at 4:59 PM

When August rolled around last year, Charlie Coyle faced a unique dilemma. With his impending wedding to then-fiancée Danielle in Minneapolis, the couple had a decision to make regarding their two beloved golden retrievers, Bodie and Gracie.

Air travel wasn't an option for the pups, leaving them with the choice of either leaving them behind in Massachusetts or embarking on a 1,400-mile cross-country road trip.

In the end, the choice was clear for both Charlie and Danielle. "They are our family," Coyle stated emphatically. The couple couldn't imagine their special day without their furry companions by their side, even if it meant a bit of dog hair on their wedding attire. "Well worth it!" he added.

As the 2023-24 NHL season approaches, Coyle's schedule promises to be a busy one. He's set to take on more significant minutes in the Bruins' lineup following Patrice Bergeron's retirement and David Krejci's uncertain future.

However, it's not just on the ice where Coyle's life is eventful. Both he and Danielle are anticipating the arrival of their first child this summer.

Additionally, earlier this summer, Coyle was appointed as the "Hometown Treat Officer" for Wellness Pet Company, a role he shares with his canine companions Bodie and Gracie. In an email conversation with

Coyle delved into his role with the pet wellness company and the significance of being a devoted pet parent, even in the midst of a demanding professional athlete's routine.
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Charlie Coyle Reveals How He Battles Being An NHL Player

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