David Krejci's Statement Following His Retirement

Published August 15, 2023 at 9:45

After a remarkable career spanning 15 full NHL seasons, David Krejci has chosen to step away from the pinnacle of hockey. The seasoned player shared a poignant statement encapsulating his journey.

With gratitude, Krejci thanked Cam Neely and Don Sweeney for their support in allowing him the time to reach this decision. He extended his appreciation to the Jacobs family and the entirety of the Bruins organization for their unwavering belief in him, a sentiment that paved the way for a remarkable tenure.

Reflecting on his unexpected journey since being drafted in 2004, Krejci marveled at the incredible and dedicated individuals he had the privilege to work alongside. Their collective efforts resulted in three Stanley Cup Finals and the ultimate victory in 2011.

As his chapter with the organization draws to a close, Krejci expressed his profound gratitude for the friendships forged throughout the years. Addressing the organization, he reaffirmed his unwavering support, signifying that the bond formed during his time with the Bruins would remain unbreakable.

In the wake of his retirement, Krejci's legacy within the hockey world and his lasting impact on the Boston Bruins family are sure to endure for years to come.
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David Krejci's Statement Following His Retirement

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