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Former Boston Bruins Player Officially Kicked Off Another Team

Published January 24, 2024 at 0:00

In a surprising turn of events, Nick Ritchie finds himself unemployed once again. The 28-year-old forward, a former 10th overall pick in the 2014 NHL Draft by the Anaheim Ducks, has voluntarily removed himself from Oulun Karpat's roster in the Finnish SM-Liiga. This decision comes in the wake of lackluster performances that failed to meet the expectations set by the team.

Karpat's General Manager, Mikko Myllykoski, officially announced the departure on the team's website today, stating,
"Kärpät cannot offer Ritchie a big enough role in the team for the rest of the season, so he is free to look for a place to play elsewhere. When he came up, we knew he was a high risk / high reward style card that we thought was worth a look. However, he was not able to rise to the role that we would have needed him to play."

This decision comes after Ritchie's underwhelming stint with Karpat, where he managed only one goal and five points in 10 games this season. In the 2022-23 campaign, split between the Arizona Coyotes and Calgary Flames, he recorded 13 goals and 26 points in 74 games. Unfortunately, Ritchie's work ethic has long been a subject of scrutiny throughout his NHL career, leading to his departure from multiple teams due to uninspired play.

While Ritchie may be a decent individual off the ice, his on-ice performance has painted a picture of a high-profile draft pick who falls short due to a perceived lack of commitment compared to his teammates. Despite possessing the physical tools, his inability to translate them into consistent on-ice success has earned him the reputation of being a bust.

It remains doubtful whether we'll witness Ritchie at the NHL level again. Having played for five different NHL teams and now struggling to secure a roster spot on a middle-of-the-pack team in the Finnish pro league, his future in the professional hockey landscape appears uncertain. The decline is further emphasized by the fact that it's not a powerhouse team in a top-tier league that has parted ways with him, but rather the 6th place team in a 15-team Finnish league. Ritchie's journey reflects the challenges of sustaining a career when one's performance fails to align with the demands of the game.

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Former Boston Bruins Player Officially Kicked Off Another Team

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