Former Bruins Goalie May Be Calling It A Career

Published August 13, 2023 at 12:14

As the sands of time trickle down on an NHL career, seasoned goalie Jaroslav Halak finds himself navigating the twilight of his storied journey.

At 38 years old, Halak's quest for an NHL contract intensifies as training camps beckon in the coming month. Demonstrating his mettle in the familiar role of backup, he capped another season with the New York Rangers on a strong note.

A record of 10-9-5, coupled with a .903 SV% (ranking among the league's top 30) and a 2.72 GAA (ranking 21st), underscore his unwavering competence. Halak's journey traces back to his debut during the 2006-07 season, spanning across seven teams. The crowning moments include twice clinching the William M. Jennings Trophy, a testament to his prowess with the St. Louis Blues and Boston Bruins.

In Halak's mind, the vision of donning goaltender gear for the next season gleams brightly, but not as a third-stringer. The seasoned netminder ardently avows his intent to steer clear of such a trajectory, firmly in pursuit of a role as a backup goalie.

Evidently, Halak's capacity to deliver robust NHL performances remains undiminished. The passage of time will unveil whether Halak's aspirations align with reality or if he might need to settle for the third slot in the depth chart.

Notably, veteran Martin Jones inked a contract last week with the Toronto Maple Leafs, possibly stepping into the role of the third-stringer, despite a more impressive record of 27-13-3 in the previous season.

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Former Bruins Goalie May Be Calling It A Career

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