Jeremy Swayman's commitment this offseason working towards redemption

Published August 9, 2023 at 10:24

As the summer days roll on, Jeremy Swayman has been diligently putting in the hours in Boston, determined to up his game for the upcoming season.

The young Bruins goalie has been laser-focused on improving, dedicating himself to extra offseason training.

"I wanted to make sure that I was gonna do everything I could to not have that feeling again in Game 7," Swayman expressed passionately.

The memory of that decisive moment has clearly lit a fire within him, propelling him to push harder during these offseason months.

Swayman's commitment to his craft is evident, as he's chosen to remain in the city, honing his skills and fine-tuning his techniques.

With his eyes set on success, he's determined to contribute his best to the team's efforts.

Bruins fans can rest assured that Swayman's drive and determination are unwavering as he strives for a season marked by improvement and redemption.
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Jeremy Swayman's commitment this offseason working towards redemption

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