Jim Montgomery Admits He Cost the Bruins Their Season

Published May 9, 2023 at 5:11 PM

The Bruins shocked the hockey world this post-season when they let the second wildcard Florida Panthers come back from a 3-1 series deficit and win the quarterfinal series. Boston, who set an NHL record for best season all-time, was out after one round of hockey, and truly left fans and players alike stunned. Many wondered why Boston didn't look to goalie Jeremy Swayman sooner, and now we finally have some answers.

Montgomery Admits His Mistake

While Jeremy Swayman didn't win Boston their game seven match against Florida, many wondered why he wasn't looked at sooner, as Linus Ullmark lost the Bruins two straight games prior. Montgomery commented on the decision, and his words might shock you.

«We just thought he was going to give us the best chance tonight. You'd have to ask ‘Goalie Bob' [goalie coach Bob Essensa] a little more in detail about that, but we all thought that he was going to give us the best opportunity tonight,»

«The mistake I made, is I try to put our players in the best position to excel. And I think withthere's an added mental grind in the playoffs and it takes a toll. That's what I've learned through this grind is that the expectations that were put on our team going into the playoffs, there's a price you pay. Everybody does, and I think we are going to learn from this – players, especially me, I'm going to have to learn – and I'm going to have to help the players push through which I didn't do this year.»

«All season long I said ‘Goalie Bob' [Essensa], makes the decision. I make the final decision right? I'm the one that picks the starter, so, it's not ‘Goalie Bob's decision but I really rely on him heavily. To answer your question specifically, we discuss this as a staff. I will talk in the playoffs especially even more so, with ‘Sweens' [GM Don Sweeney], and Cam [team president Cam Neely], and in the end, we win Games 3 and 4 so you have two days off."

There's a lot to unpack here from Montgomery, but the message was clear. Montomgery thought he was putting the Bruins in the best position to win with Ullmark, and took responsibility for their shortcomings. After all, could you really blame Montgomery for playing Ullmark, who is the current favorite to win the Vezina Trophy, which is awarded to the NHL's best goaltender. The Bruins still have many questions to answer heading into next season, but they'll be sure to adjust accordingly.

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Jim Montgomery Admits He Cost the Bruins Their Season

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