Former Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron and current Bruins captain Brad Marchand

Marchand Reveals The Possibility Of Bergeron Making A Return

Published January 5, 2024 at 11:23

In a recent appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, Boston Bruins captain Brad Marchand shared insights into a personal mission. Despite the Bruins' successful 2023-24 season, Marchand is on a quest to coax his longtime teammate and friend, Patrice Bergeron, out of retirement.

During the interview, Marchand revealed that he and Bergeron, even though no longer teammates, maintain communication. However, the persistent forward acknowledged that his former captain is growing annoyed with his efforts to convince him to return to the Bruins.

«I think he gets annoyed with how much I try to push him to come back at some point, but I think he's excited about his next step, and I try not to be too hard on him,»
Marchand explained.

While a return for the 38-year-old Bergeron to the NHL, particularly as a player, might be surprising, given his decision to retire after 19 seasons, Marchand remains persistent. Despite Bergeron's conviction and enjoyment of family time post-retirement, Marchand emphasized their enduring friendship, seeking advice from his former teammate regularly.

«We built an incredible friendship; we speak a lot, not only hockey stuff, but again just typical friends stuff, and I talk to him all the time about it,»
Marchand shared.

Reflecting on his role as the Bruins' new captain, Marchand admitted to early-season anxiety, acknowledging the challenge of following in the footsteps of iconic captains like Bergeron and Zdeno Chara.

«There's a lot of pressure following a guy like Bergy. Not only Bergy, but also Z [Zdeno Chara] before that. Our last two captains have been two of the best captains, not just for our team, but in the history of this game. To fill in their shoes, I've been very stressed and had a lot of anxiety about it,»
Marchand revealed.

Despite the pressure, Marchand's leadership has contributed to the Bruins leading the Atlantic Division heading into mid-season. However, with 35 points in 37 games, Marchand openly expresses his desire to have Bergeron back on his line for the postseason – a sentiment undoubtedly shared by fans.

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Marchand Reveals The Possibility Of Bergeron Making A Return

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