Possible landing Destinations for Bruins UFA

Published May 20, 2023 at 11:22

The Boston Bruins face offseason uncertainties as they lack cap space to retain all their free agents. Gritty forward Garnet Hathaway may be one player they part ways with. Although not a star, Hathaway's physicality and offensive contributions in a bottom-six role make him an attractive target for several teams. Let's explore three potential destinations for him:

Calgary Flames: After a disappointing season, the Flames aim to make changes, particularly in their bottom six. Hathaway's previous stint with the Flames and his ability to provide toughness would fill the gap left by departing players like Lucic and Ritchie. He could bolster their fourth line and contribute to the penalty kill.

New York Rangers: Despite their trade deadline additions, the Rangers fell short in the playoffs and seek improvements. Hathaway's presence would add toughness to their fourth line, potentially replacing Motte. Additionally, he would offer secondary scoring and strengthen their penalty-killing unit.

Edmonton Oilers: Following their playoff elimination, the Oilers prepare for a busy offseason. As a top team, they aim to enhance their bottom six for future playoff success. Hathaway's signing would address this need and provide an added dimension to their roster.

Overall, Hathaway's physicality and ability to contribute offensively make him an attractive option for these teams looking to strengthen their lineups.

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Possible landing Destinations for Bruins UFA

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