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Recent Reports Reveal A New Bergeron Has Arrived In Boston

Published January 16, 2024 at 2:28 PM

In the world of PWHL Boston, there's a new captain in town, and she's no stranger to comparisons with the best. Just weeks after joining the franchise, Hilary Knight found herself at the center of a flattering parallel, drawing likenesses to the revered Patrice Bergeron. The highest compliment one can receive in Boston, and it seems Knight is ready to embrace the challenge.

PWHL Boston's general manager, Danielle Marmer, didn't hold back in praising Knight's qualities. In November, Marmer spoke to, highlighting Knight's unquestionable fit for the role.
"I think Hillary Knight's a no-brainer," Marmer emphasized. "In terms of the experience that she brings, her leadership, the success that she's had on the ice, and honestly, what she's done for our game. If you think of Patrice Bergeron and what he did with the Bruins, I think Hillary Knight. I think that's a fair comparison, and one that I hope that she wants to live up to."

The comparison to Bergeron, a revered figure in Boston sports, is no small feat. However, Knight, a four-time Olympic medalist, didn't flinch. Instead, she shifted the focus to what made Bergeron stand out beyond his on-ice prowess.
"He's a Grade A-plus-plus human," Knight said. "That's reflected in everything that he does."

The narrative takes an intriguing turn as Knight reflects on her initial interactions with Bergeron. Amidst the whirlwind of joining a new team, Bergeron's approach stood out.
"When I showed up my first day, I'm in a whirlwind and he comes over and created a conversation. He asked me how I'm doing and checked in. That just — it just speaks to his ability to make everybody feel comfortable."

As the weeks unfolded, Knight's impact on the franchise became more apparent. Named the inaugural captain, she received the honor from none other than Bergeron himself. Their relationship has since blossomed, with Bergeron offering mentorship and, crucially, allowing Knight to be herself on and off the ice.

Boston understands that Knight won't be a carbon copy of Bergeron. The expectations aren't for her to replicate his on-ice achievements. Instead, the focus is on Knight leading the franchise into uncharted territory, employing the principles that made Bergeron a six-time Selke Award winner.

"It's important that people know they can rely on their leader," Knight emphasized. "This is really something that we want to do, is make sure that this is a family and a home away from home so people can go out there and just play hockey and play the sport that we all signed up for."

In the unfolding chapters of PWHL Boston's journey, Knight's captaincy promises a unique blend of leadership and individuality, echoing the qualities that have made Bergeron an icon in Boston sports history.

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Recent Reports Reveal A New Bergeron Has Arrived In Boston

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