Recent statement ignites Bruins fan base

Published August 10, 2023 at 5:37 PM

Jeremy Swayman's recent statement,
"Glad I got it done. I'm a Boston Bruin at the end of the day,"
has brought a sigh of relief to Bruins fans.

Not only is Swayman happy to be back as a Boston Bruin, but fans are also excited that he's sticking around for another year.

The young goaltender's commitment to the team has reassured supporters who value his contributions on the ice.

Swayman's dedication is palpable, and his words reflect the genuine connection he has with the Boston Bruins.

As he continues to build his legacy with the team, fans can look forward to watching him evolve and make a lasting impact.

The sentiment echoed by Swayman only strengthens the bond between the player and the loyal fanbase that passionately stands behind the Boston Bruins.
August 10   |   72 answers
Recent statement ignites Bruins fan base

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