Survey Reveals the Most Significant Thing in Latest Bruins Defeat

Published May 2, 2023 at 2:28 PM

We all know that the Bruins epic collapse after a 3-1 series lead over the Florida Panthers in round one but where does it rank all time in Boston sports history?

Survey Says!? surveyed over 300 Bruins fans for a brief poll that asked following question:

''Where does the Bruins' early playoff exit rank all-time?‘'

According to most fans that answered, the results reveal that this latest playoff collapse is one of the worst in Boston sports history. Check it out:


The article - by writer Peyton Doyle - also had a second part to the poll for fans to answer. As per Doyle:

''In the second part of the poll, readers were asked what they thought was to blame for the Game 7 loss, and how they feel about the team going into the offseason.''

Most fans accredited the upset to three main factors: coaching, weak defense and a lack of focus, with all three being very valid points.

The Bruins were riding high after game four with two straight road wins and a 3-1 series lead coming home for game five.

And it's actually simple what happened. Jim Montgomery was out-coached for possibly the first time all season and Boston started taking the Panthers to lightly.

May 2   |   461 answers
Survey Reveals the Most Significant Thing in Latest Bruins Defeat

What was the Bruins biggest downfall against the Panthers?

Coaching15032.5 %
Defense17337.5 %
Lack of focus13829.9 %
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