The Boston Bruins Are Linked To Recent Stanley Cup Champion

Published August 18, 2023 at 12:59

The Boston Bruins are on a mission to rejuvenate their forward lineup following the recent retirements of both Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci. Milan Lucic's arrival was a step toward the solution, but an intriguing new rumor suggests the Bruins might be targeting an even more significant addition.

Marchessault Returns to the East Coast

Jonathan Marchessault, a recent Stanley Cup champion, gears up for his 11th NHL season. Having flourished into a star-caliber forward during his tenure with the Vegas Golden Knights, he stands as a pivotal asset. With time advancing, the prospect of securing value for him might be prompting Vegas to explore possibilities.

This is where the Boston Bruins step into the spotlight. Having set a record for regular-season wins in 2022-23, they're a force to be reckoned with. An intriguing buzz, put forth by Eklund of HockeyBuzz, has the Bruins reportedly showing interest in Marchessault.


The Bruins aren't short on pieces to fuel a successful playoff campaign, but the prospect of adding Marchessault could significantly plug the gaps in their lineup. It's crucial to note, however, that these are presently unverified rumors.

The Value of Marchessault

While it's intricate to pin down the precise value of any player, speculation abounds about potential trade scenarios involving Marchessault and Boston. Crafting a plausible deal warrants contemplation, particularly since Vegas remains in contention. The norm often entails a combination of prospects and draft picks as trade currency. Nevertheless, this scenario might see Boston parting ways with players on team-friendly contracts or emerging roster talents. The stakes could be raised to even involve one of the Bruins' top goaltending duo. The complexities of such a trade remain to be seen.

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The Boston Bruins Are Linked To Recent Stanley Cup Champion

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