Top 5: Most Successful Playoff Teams Since Vegas Joined The NHL

Published May 31, 2023 at 10:29

The Vegas Golden Knights have been a surprising power house in the five years of their existence.

Only missing the Stanley Cup Playoffs in one of those five years, the team has three division championships and two conference championships.

Since joining the National Hockey League, the Vegas Golden Knights rank 2nd in most playoff wins since 2018 — the expansion year.

The Boston Bruins rank 4th on this list with 37, just above the Dallas Stars (35) and behind the 2022 Stanley Cup Champion Colorado Avalanche (43), Vegas Golden Knights (50 and counting), and the back-to-back Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning who have an astounding 61.

The Boston Bruins have definitely had their chances at the Cup in the past 5 years, but have fallen short multiple times. Earning 37 wins in the Stanley Cup Playoffs is a hard feat no question, yet they have nothing to show for it unfortunately.

As the Vegas Golden Knights have their second shot at the Cup, even though they were just brought into the league not long ago.
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Top 5: Most Successful Playoff Teams Since Vegas Joined The NHL

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