Two Bruins Receive Major Honouring From the NHL

Published August 22, 2023 at 3:04 PM

McAvoy and Lindholm Shine in NHL Network's Top 20 Defensemen Ranking

The Boston Bruins have a lot to celebrate as two of their standout defensemen secured impressive spots on the NHL Network's Top 20 Defensemen list. Charlie McAvoy claimed the sixth position, while Hampus Lindholm claimed the fifteenth spot.

McAvoy's Resilient Return

Despite missing the first 13 games of the recent season due to surgery, Charlie McAvoy demonstrated his prowess on the ice. The 25-year-old defenseman made a strong comeback, tallying seven goals and 45 assists in 67 games during the regular season. His contributions continued into the playoffs, where he added five assists during the Bruins' seven-game series. McAvoy's performance built upon his impressive 2021-22 season with 56 points, placing him fifth in the 2022 Norris Trophy voting. Although he faced challenges in the 2023 season, including 13 missed games, McAvoy's potential as a Norris candidate remains evident.

"When I look at here, there's a lot of Drew Doughty that I see right before he peaked and became an every-year Norris candidate," expressed former NHL defenseman and current NHL Network analyst Thomas Hickey. "That's what Charlie McAvoy is doing right now, and I think that potential is there for him. My biggest thing that I want to see, and I haven't had many grips with anyone, I want to see him play 82 games."

McAvoy's NHL career comprises 49 goals and 189 assists over 380 games.

Lindholm's Impressive Season

Hampus Lindholm, who finished fourth in the 2023 Norris Trophy voting, secured the fifteenth spot on the list. Lindholm showcased his skills during his first full season with the Bruins, amassing ten goals and 43 assists in 80 games. His notable contributions included filling the gap when McAvoy was absent, tallying four goals and nine assists in the initial 13 games of the season. Lindholm's overall NHL record stands at 67 goals and 213 assists across 672 games.

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Two Bruins Receive Major Honouring From the NHL

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