Why the Swayman Contract is Great for Both Sides

Published August 3, 2023 at 4:23 PM

The Bruins were in a cap crunch this off-season, and it didn't help when Jeremy Swayman and Trent Fredric took them to arbitration.

This is unfamiliar territory for Sweeney, but again, the cap crunch took them to arbitration. Swayman's contract really sticks out as a decent one, as the arbitrator gave him $3.475 million for one year.

How is it good? Well, it lets the Bruins at ease knowing they have their 24-year-old backup goaltender locked up for at least one more year, plus helps them with their cap situation.

Also, with their holes at the center position, they don't have to trade for a goalie or even look at one for this year.

Reason I say for this year is because Linus Ullmark is getting up there in age and may not be a Bruin for much longer. Next year, Boston will have more cap, so they can offer Swayman more and give him a longer contract.

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August 3   |   32 answers
Why the Swayman Contract is Great for Both Sides

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