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Boston Bruins Set To Be In On Superstar In The Off-Season

Published March 24, 2024 at 11:09

The offseason is brewing with anticipation as the 2024 NHL Trade Deadline saw the Winnipeg Jets snagging Tyler Toffoli from the New Jersey Devils. Since donning the Jets jersey, Toffoli has showcased his sharpshooting skills, enhancing his value for a lucrative contract this summer. Should the Jets falter in securing his long-term commitment, three teams are poised to pounce.

First on the radar are the Los Angeles Kings, previously linked to Toffoli. A return to familiar territory could beckon, bolstering the Kings' top six and rekindling past success.

Meanwhile, the Ottawa Senators eye Toffoli as a catalyst for roster revamps, aiming to fortify their top lines post-deadline trades.

Lastly, the Boston Bruins emerge as contenders, fueled by past interest in Toffoli and ample cap space, poised to make impactful offseason moves.

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Boston Bruins Set To Be In On Superstar In The Off-Season

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