Brad Marchand Signs a New Contract

Austin Sabourin
August 25, 2023  (2:55)

The anticipation is building among Boston Bruins fans as one of their beloved forwards, Brad Marchand, is set to step off the ice and into the world of animation. Marchand is primed to make an appearance on the popular Disney show "Big City Greens," and fans couldn't be more excited to see their hockey hero in a whole new light. The excitement peaks as the show's Season 4 is scheduled to premiere on September 23rd.

Brad Marchand's cameo on "Big City Greens" marks an exciting crossover between the world of professional sports and animated entertainment. Known for his skills on the ice, Marchand's appearance on the show adds a touch of star power that fans of both the Bruins and the show are eagerly looking forward to. Brad Marchand is signing a contract with Disney to be featured on the show.
Thrilling Lineup for Season 4
The announcement of the guest cast for the upcoming season has only added to the excitement. Joining Marchand are a host of other talented individuals from various fields, creating a diverse and intriguing lineup. The list includes renowned names such as Michael Bolton, June Diane Raphael, Tom Green, Margo Martindale, Justin McElroy, Tim Meadows, Dean Norris, Ms. Pat, Tim Robinson, Paul Scheer, Amy Sedaris, and Trevor Wallace. With such an impressive roster of guest stars, it's clear that "Big City Greens" is pulling out all the stops for its fourth season.
A Fan's Delight
For Bruins fans, seeing Brad Marchand in an entirely different context is a thrilling prospect. Marchand's fiery competitiveness on the ice and his larger-than-life personality have made him a fan favorite, and the opportunity to catch a glimpse of his animated alter ego is bound to be a unique and entertaining experience.
Countdown to September 23rd
As the premiere of "Big City Greens" Season 4 draws near, both fans of the show and hockey enthusiasts alike are marking their calendars for September 23rd. It's not every day that a sports star gets the chance to venture into the animated world, and Brad Marchand's appearance promises to be a highlight of the upcoming season.
So, whether you're a die-hard Bruins fan, a dedicated viewer of "Big City Greens," or simply someone intrigued by this exciting crossover, one thing is for sure: September 23rd is a date to remember. Brad Marchand's presence in the animated realm is sure to add a dash of excitement and anticipation to an already highly anticipated new season.

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Brad Marchand Signs a New Contract

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