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Charlie McAvoy leaves the game following a bloody scene

Published May 8, 2024 at 9:11 PM

In a tense moment during the game, Boston Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy suffered a bloody injury after a heavy hit from Kyle Okposo.

Following the collision, McAvoy was visibly bloodied and had to leave the ice to head to the Bruins' dressing room for medical attention.

Charlie McAvoy had to go to the dressing room after being cut from being hit into the glass. He has since returned. 😳

Although McAvoy made a brief return to the ice for a shift, it was clear he was still struggling with the aftermath of the hit.

He ultimately had to exit down the tunnel again, raising concerns about his ability to continue playing.

Charlie McAvoy is back in the room.

As the Bruins currently trail 2-1, the absence of McAvoy could significantly impact their defensive capabilities and overall chances of staging a comeback in the game.

McAvoy's injury and uncertain status add an extra layer of challenge for the Bruins, as they try to regroup and push back against their opponents without one of their key players on the back end.

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Charlie McAvoy leaves the game following a bloody scene

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