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Collin Graf reveals why he signed with the San Jose Sharks

Published April 6, 2024 at 0:26

In NCAA hockey, Collin Graf, a sought-after undrafted player from Quinnipiac University, surprised many by choosing to sign with the struggling San Jose Sharks over offers from bigger teams like the Colorado Avalanche and Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins.

Graf cited honesty and familiarity with the Sharks organization as reasons for his decision. Despite knowing few players on the team, Graf is excited to play alongside familiar face Henry Thrun and potential linemates Luke Kunin and William Eklund.

"I think they were really honest with me," Graf told reporters of why he made the choice that he did. "There are a lot of Northeast guys, as a Massachusetts guy, it's familiar. I thought that obviously added to the decision for sure. I think it was just the honesty of what they saw in me and what they thought I could do."

"I know Henry Thrun. [I] played against him at Harvard," Graf said. "[I've] skated with him growing up; we had a similar skating coach, and in the summer, played three on three with him. Besides that, I don't think I know anyone [else here]."

Despite being once considered small, Graf's growth spurt has transformed him into a formidable player. With an impressive college record, Graf aims to prove that size doesn't matter in the NHL.

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Collin Graf reveals why he spurned several teams to sign with lowly Sharks

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Collin Graf reveals why he signed with the San Jose Sharks

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