David Pastrnak claims top spot in NHL Network's 'top 20 wings' ranking

Hunter Bowman
August 15, 2023  (2:14 PM)

In the world of NHL rankings, Boston Bruins' winger David Pastrnak has truly taken the spotlight as he secured the top spot in the latest 'Top 20 Wings' list compiled by the NHL Network.

His teammate and fellow Bruins winger, Brad Marchand, found himself in the tenth spot in this highly anticipated annual ranking.
The NHL Network Panel followed a meticulous set of criteria to gauge the prowess of these exceptional wingers. Their ability to deliver electrifying goals, jaw-dropping passes, and impeccable skating skills placed them among the elite.
The unveiling of this list was part of a nine-part series that took place last Sunday, captivating hockey enthusiasts across the nation.
Tony Luftman, E.J. Hradek, and Mike Rupp, hosts of the NHL Network, chimed in on the rankings. Mike Rupp, in particular, praised Pastrnak, referring to him as a contender for the Hart Trophy, an honor that ultimately went to Connor McDavid this season.
Rupp acknowledged Pastrnak's resilience, highlighting his unwavering performance even in the face of game plans specifically designed to thwart his brilliance.
Pastrnak's achievements during the season are nothing short of remarkable. With an impressive 61 goals, he stood second only to the highly favored Hart Trophy winner, Connor McDavid.
Pastrnak's 52 assists further solidified his position among the top players, tying him with Nikita Kucherov. This performance placed him just behind Leon Draisaitl and McDavid in terms of points earned.
Having secured an eight-year extension worth $90 million, Pastrnak's contributions to the Boston Bruins continue to make waves. Notably, his achievement of reaching 50 goals in a season was a feat not accomplished by a Bruins player since the legendary Cam Neely in 1993-94.
Meanwhile, Brad Marchand, hailed as an 'Absolute gamer' by Rupp, showcased his indomitable spirit. Overcoming major surgery and a brief absence from the start of the season, Marchand proved his resilience with an impressive performance throughout the year.
His consistency in scoring at least 20 goals for ten consecutive seasons exemplified his dedication to the sport.
While Pastrnak basked in the glory of his well-deserved accolades, Marchand's unrelenting impact on the ice was undeniably recognized.
As the rankings shaped a narrative of excellence, both players solidified their positions as key figures in the Boston Bruins' formidable lineup.
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David Pastrnak claims top spot in NHL Network's 'top 20 wings' ranking

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