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Insider Reveals What The Bruins Are Going To Do With Ullmark In The Off-Season

Published March 16, 2024 at 0:02

Rumors have been swirling regarding the potential trade of veteran goaltender Linus Ullmark from the Boston Bruins, with reports suggesting that a deal was close at the National Hockey League's trade deadline. However, it's been revealed that the trade fell through because Ullmark exercised his trade protection clause to block the deal.

In his latest installment of 32 Thoughts on Sportsnet, Elliotte Friedman sheds more light on the thwarted trade and discloses which team nearly acquired Ullmark before he vetoed the move.

According to Friedman, it was a challenging week for Ullmark, who expressed a strong desire to remain in Boston. Despite this, the Bruins explored multiple options, including locations where Ullmark had no veto power. Ultimately, none of these options materialized, leaving Ullmark with the Bruins for the time being.

Looking ahead, Friedman predicts an intriguing goalie market in the upcoming summer. With several teams pulling back their goalies from potential trades, including Calgary with Jacob Markstrom and Nashville with Juuse Saros, the market is expected to be flooded with talent.

This surplus may prompt the Bruins to reconsider breaking up their goaltending tandem, given the increased competition for available netminders.

The blocked trade serves as a valuable lesson for the Bruins. Ullmark's contract includes a 16-team no-trade list, and he will have the opportunity to submit a new list prior to the next season.

The experience of being potentially traded leading up to the deadline will likely influence Ullmark's decisions regarding which teams to include on his list, potentially complicating future trade negotiations for the Bruins.

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Insider Reveals What The Bruins Are Going To Do With Ullmark In The Off-Season

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