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Insider sends a warning to Pat Maroon before game 1 vs the Leafs

Published April 20, 2024 at 11:05

The buzz around the Toronto Maple Leafs versus Boston Bruins first-round series intensifies as former NHL player Paul Bissonnette stirs the pot, hinting at physical showdowns.

As anticipation builds for the start of the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, all eyes are on Saturday night's clash. Bissonnette, now an analyst, predicts rough times for Bruins' Pat Maroon, suggesting Leafs tough guy Ryan Reaves will give him a rough ride.

During a chat on the Pat McAfee show, Bissonnette didn't hold back, warning Maroon of Reaves' power.

Maroon brushed it off, attributing Bissonnette's comments to his allegiance to the Leafs. Past encounters between Bissonnette and Reaves fuel the anticipation for potential clashes in the series.

"And that's sugar coating it! He's going to pump your eyes shut. He's going to give you so many rights, you'll be begging for a left."

"Well Biz is a Leafs fan, that's why. And the only reason Biz is saying that is because Ryan Reaves pumped his eyes shut, too."

With both teams eyeing a strong start to set the tone, Saturday night's game looms large. Goalie selections remain undisclosed, adding to the suspense as the rivalry between the Bruins and Leafs ignites once again.

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Paul Bissonnette tells Pat Maroon that Ryan Reaves will dummy him
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Insider sends a warning to Pat Maroon before game 1 vs the Leafs

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