David Pastrnak and Jim Montgomery
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Jim Montgomery and David Pastrnak's private convo leaked to the media

Published May 3, 2024 at 5:12 PM

After the Bruins' recent game, Coach Jim Montgomery openly discussed his concerns about David Pastrnak's performance, emphasizing the need for improvement. The comments sparked interest among fans and the media, prompting questions about how Pastrnak took the criticism.

In response, Montgomery revealed that he had already addressed the matter directly with Pastrnak. He disclosed that they had conversed both during and after the game, engaging in a candid and constructive talk. Montgomery emphasized the importance of their relationship, describing it as open and communicative.

Montgomery on how Pastrnak received the message about stepping up: «I talked to him right after the game about it. I talked to him about it during the game. Pasta and I have a real healthy, communicative relationship, and he's ready to go.»

The coach's reassurance that Pastrnak is prepared to step up highlights the team's commitment to addressing challenges head-on. It also underscores the trust and mutual respect between coach and player as they strive to achieve their goals together.
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Jim Montgomery and David Pastrnak's private convo leaked to the media

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