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Jim Montgomery issued a statement on the Bruins identity

Published April 10, 2024 at 8:11 PM

Boston Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery recently shared insights on the team's identity, shedding light on their approach to the game.

According to Montgomery, the Bruins have been striving for consistency and resilience since March 1st. He emphasized the significance of understanding and embracing their identity, regardless of the challenges they face during games.

Montgomery stressed the importance of swift adaptation, ensuring that the team can quickly revert to their successful strategies.

Jim Montgomery on team identity: "Pretty much since March 1st it's been the same thing...we want to get to our identity and understand how we get there and how fast we can get there no matter what is going on in the game so that we can get back to what gives us success."

This statement underscores the Bruins' commitment to their core principles and their unwavering determination to achieve success by staying true to their identity, no matter the circumstances.
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Jim Montgomery issued a statement on the Bruins identity

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