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Jim Montgomery Sends Stern Message To Bruins During Practice

Published March 25, 2024 at 1:11 PM

Jim Montgomery's frustration boiled over during Monday's Bruins practice, as he loudly demanded more effort from his team, a scene captured by Conor Ryan of The Boston Globe.

With back-to-back losses against playoff-bound rivals, the message was clear: urgency.

"Jim Montgomery was not happy with that last drill.

«Wake the f- up!»

Here come the sprints." Ryan said in a post on X.

As the Bruins brace for a challenging road trip against formidable opponents, Montgomery seeks to reignite their competitive spirit.

Amid mounting pressure, Montgomery's fiery demeanor underscores the team's quest for postseason contention.

However, doubts linger as Montgomery voices concerns over the team's readiness for playoff intensity, echoing his discontent from the practice session.

«I hated the way we finished the Philly gameand the way we started practice today.»

«I don't think our team is ready for the playoffs.»

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Jim Montgomery Sends Stern Message To Bruins During Practice

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