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Brad Marchand may be in trouble after breaking an NHL rule

Published May 1, 2024 at 11:07

The social media buzz surrounding Brad Marchand's tactics during the Toronto Maple Leafs series has sparked controversy over a potential NHL rule violation.

Known for his strategic play on the ice, Marchand's methods often draw attention, but this time, it's for a different reason.

Fans have pointed out that Marchand's jersey sleeves don't fully cover his gloves, as required by NHL rules. This revelation comes amidst discussions about his on-ice behavior, particularly his knack for drawing penalties.

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Despite photos circulating online showing Marchand's exposed wrists, some argue that the evidence may not be conclusive, as movements during play can cause jersey sleeves to ride up.

However, observations from both fans and players, including Max Domi, have fueled the debate.

Love the intensity by Domi, but he has to be smart too. Marchand gets the same disruptive effect with something unlikely to be a penalty.

Domi retaliates with slash, Marchand is expecting it, and is unfazed. He hits again, Marchand sells and were down again.

While speculation mounts, it's unlikely that the NHL will take immediate action. Any potential rule violation would probably result in a warning rather than immediate punishment.

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Brad Marchand exposed for breaking NHL rule during Leafs Bruins series

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Brad Marchand may be in trouble after breaking an NHL rule

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