Brad Marchand on the ice after taking a sucker punch from Sam Bennett
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New angle of Sam Bennett hit on Brad Marchand changes everything

Published May 13, 2024 at 10:45

The debate over whether Sam Bennett's hit on Brad Marchand in Game 3 was intentional has been swirling, especially since it resulted in Marchand missing Game 4.

A new video angle, however, is shedding light on the incident, suggesting that the play may have been more deliberate than initially thought.

Puck Reporter on X shared this new angle, which clearly shows Bennett making intentional contact with Marchand's face with his fist.

This angle tells a whole different story 😬 #NHLBruins #TimeToHunt

This isn't the first time Bennett has been involved in such an incident; he knocked Matthew Knies out of a series last year in a similar manner. These repeated actions bring into question how such plays are handled by the NHL's Player Safety department.

The lack of a suspension or even a detailed review by Player Safety has raised eyebrows, especially given the history of questionable decisions from the department head, Parros.

As the playoffs continue, the scrutiny over Bennett's conduct and the NHL's response—or lack thereof—highlights ongoing concerns about enforcement and player safety within the league.

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New angle shows Bennett hit on Marchand was intentional
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New angle of Sam Bennett hit on Brad Marchand changes everything

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