Bergeron and Marchand

Patrice Bergeron Issues A Surprise Statement Regarding Marchand

Published February 9, 2024 at 0:09

Boston Bruins' captain Patrice Bergeron recently shared heartfelt sentiments about his longtime teammate Brad Marchand, highlighting the rare and special bond they share.

Reflecting on their more than a decade-long partnership, Bergeron emphasized the seamless chemistry they developed on the ice and the enduring friendship they cultivated off it.

"When brad first came in, we clicked right away on the ice and over time, we established a friendship... it isnt very often tha you play on the same line with someone for over a decade and have that friendship. It makes you realize how special that is, and also how thankful you need to be for that."

Bergeron's words underscored the depth of their connection, emphasizing the rarity and significance of playing together for such an extended period.

His gratitude for their enduring camaraderie serves as a testament to the profound impact Marchand has had on Bergeron both as a teammate and as a friend throughout their storied careers with the Bruins.

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Patrice Bergeron Issues A Surprise Statement Regarding Marchand

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