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Patrick Maroon might steal James Van Riemsdyk's roster spot

Published April 4, 2024 at 11:02

Ahead of the Boston Bruins' playoff push, questions loom regarding veteran winger James van Riemsdyk's role in the lineup.

Despite hitting the 1,000-game milestone, van Riemsdyk faced setbacks due to an early March illness, sidelining him until the recent 3-0 win against the Nashville Predators. With just one assist in his last ten games, concerns arise about his effectiveness.

Acknowledging his recent struggles, van Riemsdyk expressed determination to elevate his game for the postseason.

However, his inconsistency poses a challenge for the Bruins. Coach Jim Montgomery emphasized the need for van Riemsdyk to rediscover his earlier form, focusing on execution and contribution in all aspects of play.

«I guess what he was doing earlier in the year when he was on top of pucks, he was executing in all three zones and making things happen.»
said Montgomery when asked what JVR needs to do to stay in the lineup.

As the Bruins gear up for the playoffs, van Riemsdyk's performance remains under scrutiny.

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Patrick Maroon might steal James Van Riemsdyk's roster spot

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