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Patrick Maroon talks about his thoughts on the Boston Bruins

Published April 6, 2024 at 4:58 PM

In the intense heat of the 2019 Stanley Cup Final, Pat Maroon, then with the St. Louis Blues, etched his name into Bruins lore with a bold challenge hurled at Boston's bench.

"You're fuc%ed!" he bellowed, igniting tensions in Game 5 of the seven-game series ultimately clinched by the Blues.

Since that memorable confrontation, the Boston Bruins have faced recurring struggles against physically imposing opponents. From the bruising 2019-20 Tampa Bay Lightning to the relentless 2020-21 New York Islanders, and most recently, the formidable 2022-23 Florida Panthers, the Bruins have found themselves outmuscled in crucial playoff encounters. This trend has led to a perception of 'softness' attached to the Bruins by fans and media alike.

However, amidst this narrative, Pat Maroon offers a different perspective. When asked about the Bruins' reputation, Maroon expressed a nuanced view.
"I wouldn't say that,"
he countered. For Maroon, toughness transcends mere physicality, encompassing elements like winning puck battles, stout defensive play, and relentless forechecking.

In Maroon's eyes, the Bruins embody the essence of playoff hockey, characterized by resilience, physicality, and strategic prowess. He acknowledges their speed, transition game, and potent offense, expressing genuine excitement to join forces with his new teammates.

With Maroon's insight, the Bruins' identity takes on a multifaceted dimension, grounded not just in physicality but in a holistic approach to the game. As the Bruins navigate the challenges of postseason hockey, they carry with them the ethos of resilience and determination, eager to prove their mettle on the ice once more.

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Video: Pat Maroon Has Never Viewed The Bruins As ‘Soft'
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Patrick Maroon talks about his thoughts on the Boston Bruins

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