Brad Marchand laying on the ice after taking a dirty hit from Sam Bennett
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The worst is confirmed for Brad Marchand after recent announcement

Published May 11, 2024 at 12:40

The Boston Bruins have some tough news about their captain, Brad Marchand. He's been listed as
due to an upper body injury.

This update comes straight from Bruins' head coach, Jim Montgomery, following a concerning incident in their last game.

Brad Marchand «day-to-day» with an upper body injury. That's the only update from Jim Montgomery. Said it was pretty clear to Bruins that there was a punch there after watching replays and that there's «a history» with Sam Bennett

During the game, Marchand was involved in a play with Sam Bennett, where many, including the Bruins' staff, believe Marchand was punched.

Coach Montgomery admitted that he didn't see the moment happen live, but after reviewing the game footage, he confirmed the suspicions.
"Having seen it, there's a history there with Bennett. There's clearly evidence of what went on,»
Montgomery stated.

This isn't the first time Bennett has been in the spotlight for such actions, which makes this incident more alarming for Marchand and the Bruins.

With Marchand's health in question, the team and fans are understandably worried and hope he can recover quickly to return to the ice.
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The worst is confirmed for Brad Marchand after recent announcement

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